Today, agriculture is strategically nourished by technology, with tools that add value thanks to the collection and analysis of information that enables producers to make better decisions for their businesses.

When there is so much talk about advances in the digitization of the agricultural sector, the emergence of new applications that use connections from the cell phone or tablet are key drivers in this process. AGRI software is a clear example of the work that farmers are carrying out along these lines. Our platform is aimed at farm workers with the objective of adding value to the products they produce, complying with regulations, making the production and operational process easy, accurate and in real time.

The digitization of agriculture is born with the aim of saving, improving the handling, management and parameterization of farmers. This time our guests come from Cunaco, located in the VI Region of Chile, specifically Santa Cruz. They are ACEFRUT, an agricultural company dedicated to the production of cherries, plums, tangerines and vineyards. Together we will learn how the application of technologies benefits the management and operation of the fields.

The digitization of data in agriculture is a very important first step to achieve other challenges that facilitate the organization and daily agricultural management. For Tomás Correa, Chief Administrative Officer of Agrícola ACEFRUT, the key to being able to easily and safely manage fields is to use data to facilitate field work. Considering that the digitalization of agriculture allows us to quickly know the yields per hectare of a crop plot by plot, the exact amounts of herbicide to be applied, or the sowing dose per hectare according to the plot we are working on. All of this means that the use of data that has been previously digitized makes it possible to improve efficiency and, consequently, increase the profits of the agricultural company. 

The implementation of AGRI Software in the daily life of the farmer contributes to reduce costs, increase income, improve profits and automatically keep the accounting of the business; it also allows to have control of the traceability of production, achieving total control of agricultural machinery and equipment through their costs, ensuring a simpler and more efficient management of the inventory of products and inputs.

"The digitization of agriculture can be easy and attractive to all farmers. AGRI allows to know the costs and production per crop, per lot, per hectare and per plot, improving and simplifying the administration of labor, machinery and inputs. It makes work orders and orders, exercising a total control of customers and suppliers... A necessary order in any company," says Tomás.

Immersed in constant innovation, AGRI's digitalization plays a key role. Through new emerging technologies, the software seeks to help producers increase their production by implementing increasingly sustainable and efficient practices. The platform facilitates field management with concrete benefits in terms of resource and cost optimization, resulting in significant improvements in crop yields and financial areas. 

"The protection and security of information in cloud mode is an advantage that the platform provides. It allows us to access immediately and from anywhere to important innovations that digitalization brings. The decision to implement AGRI was based on a few of them, for example: allowing us to work with several company names and environments without having to leave the system, in our case there are 5. Another point is the attention of the customer service team, it is very good... Fantastic, really. You get an immediate response to a doubt or query. Besides, the software is very easy to use and intuitive," says Tomás Correa.

The digitization of agriculture is an unstoppable phenomenon. Another important benefit for the farmer to feel confident in the new technologies is that the data information they receive from the AGRI platform is totally reliable and accurate. They get support at all times by a team of Assistance and Support customized for each agricultural company, receiving immediate attention and response to their concerns of an informatics nature as in agronomical matters by expert engineers.

"The digitization of agriculture is a necessary, unstoppable and continuously progressing process. The benefits of digital transformation include improved supply chain management, increased ability to meet customer needs, secure data management, and greater convenience, profitability and cost savings for agricultural businesses.

In agriculture, digitization is an essential tool at the service of the necessary modernization of the field: it offers real-time data and saves time, which translated into economic terms, has a great value, which translates into the cost of the information and the time saved. In this way, decisions are made in a more optimal way, with greater guarantees of success, quickly and flexibly, streamlining all the processes of the value chain, from the farmer to the consumer, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.

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