Monitor variables that impact water use in your field

Control the watering hours of your sectors

Improved water resource efficiency

Anticipates weather events

Georeferencing automatically obtains the value of the ETO and climatic variables.

How does it work?


Get weather variability across your headquarters thanks to the integration with AccuWeather and get ETO calculations with our integration to the INIA Weather Network.

Irrigation Management

By means of our irrigation module, you can precisely control the amount of irrigation hours; either by pump or rainfall in your different irrigation sectors.

Integration with humidity probes

We have an expert development team to carry out integration projects with humidity probes, receiving the information telematically and reflected in AGRI.


Be in full control of your inlets in the field. Optimized control of high, medium and low humidity from our irrigation module automatically and accurately.

Integrate your weather station

Our team of expert developers and the know-how of a custom software company allow us to adopt this type of integration projects. A comprehensive solution with Agri and instant reporting, anticipates the weather for harvest days or for planned phytosanitary applications. All in one place with cloud technology.

View module: Irrigation control

  • Centralized management of your agricultural operations.

  • Real-time information and reporting.

  • Cost planning and control, purchasing, warehousing and treasury.

  • Agrochemical application orders and certifications.

  • Control of work sites, machinery.

  • Irrigation and crop control.

  • Integration with SAG, SII and other software.

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